Join our Leadership Crew

L.A. Works offers volunteers the opportunity to take that extra step in volunteering by becoming a leader in the community. Leadership opportunities allow you to make a deeper connection to an issue or project, learn valuable tools in management and planning and see the inside look into nonprofit the sector.

You can lead one of L.A. Works’ ongoing volunteer programs, a one-time event, be on call to lead an emergency team in the event of a disaster, and/or join our team as an intern or staff member at L.A. Works. 

Volunteer Task Force

We’re creating a task force to expand our signature volunteer projects to help shape and increase the number of opportunities we can manage each month. There will be three chairs on this task force with overlapping responsibilities who will facilitate and create engaging volunteer events for Los Angeles: Partnership, Recruitment, and Branding/Program Chairs.




If interested in any of these roles please send an email to

Project Leadership

What makes L.A. Works’ volunteer programming unique is that we train volunteers to create, coordinate and lead original, ongoing volunteer projects with our nonprofit partners. This gives our staff more time to build partnerships and create additional volunteer projects, allowing L.A. Works to significantly leverage our limited resources to better impact in the community.

Project leaders are responsible for communicating with volunteers, maintaining a good relationship with their nonprofit partner, developing engaging project activities that support their nonprofit partner and its mission, and orienting and leading volunteers on-site during the project to maximize impact and ensure a meaningful experience.


Project leaders gain experience in project development, volunteer management, and communication and relationship building allowing them to develop their skills and enhance their resume. In addition, leading a volunteer project leads to greater awareness of community issues and can initiate a path toward becoming more involved in community solutions.


After attending our Project Leader Training, a project leader can make a long-term commitment (ideally at least 6 months) to lead on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis, depending on the project and availability. He/she will also be able to fill in as a substitute project leader, or even help us create a new volunteer project that we can list on our Opportunity Calendar.


We offer training to volunteers who’ve volunteered in at least 3 of the same project or have a significant background in service leadership. We offer monthly leadership trainings to learn about the role of a project leader and gain the skills and tools needed to lead effectively. Sign up for a Project Leader Training.

Service Event Leadership

At every L.A. Works BusinessWorks and Signature Day of Service events, volunteers are led by L.A. Works Event Captains who provide organization, work instruction, and enthusiasm!

At BusinessWorks events, Event Captains are supervised by the Director of Operations and asked to perform event set-up and tear-down, lead and instruct volunteers in their activities, and manage the time and impact of the day’s work while ensuring the volunteers have a meaningful experience. These events are sponsored with a donation from the participating company and help to support the free services we provide to the public.

At Signature Day of Service events (MLK Jr. Day, Cesar Chavez Day, L.A. Works Day, etc.), Event Captains are supervised by the Director of Operations and asked to help plan event activities, engage the community surrounding an event to maximize impact and perform various day-of event roles. With our Signature Day of Service events we hope to form lasting relationships between community members as well as meaningful activity contributions. Event Captains play a vital role in the planning and execution of these large and public events that help to distinguish L.A. Works as the premier volunteer center of Los Angeles.


Event Captains gain experience in leadership, event planning, community engagement, communication and volunteer management, allowing them to develop their skills and enhance their resume. In addition, being an Event Captain leads to a broader awareness of social issues in the greater Los Angeles area.


Event Captains make a commitment to lead at least four BusinessWorks events and two Day of Service events per year.


Our Event Captain Training will teach you the skills you need to volunteers for the specific event you’re managing. If you’re interested in becoming an Event Captain, contact our Director of Corporate Engagement, Keisa Davis.