Managed Projects

Managed Projects are volunteer-based projects that occur on a regular basis (at least once per month) at a community partner site. They are designed to support our partners in advancing their missions while also providing an engaging and meaningful experience for volunteers. 

Managed Projects are long-term, ongoing volunteer opportunities developed, organized, and run by L.A. Works at the nonprofit partner’s site offering volunteer and project management support with the leadership of an L.A. Works-trained Volunteer Project Leader who plans and executes the project on site based on the nonprofit’s needs, recruits the volunteers, and leads on the day of the project. The Project Leader is responsible for communicating with volunteers, developing engaging project activities, and orienting and leading volunteers on-site during the project. Managed projects can provide your agency with a regular source of volunteers without your staff having to expend its limited resources. 

We have 80+ projects reoccurring every month at nonprofits throughout the community. Our projects cover a wide range of activities and issue areas including serving meals to the homeless, providing fun activities to disadvantaged youth, walking dogs, preserving national parks, cooking for kids, playing bingo with older adults and collecting and sorting donated baby items for low-income families. 

Important Tips to Know about Managed Projects (MP)

  • Managed Projects are developed based on the availability of staff time and resources as well as the broader programming focus of L.A. Works. On average, a managed project can take at least 3 months to develop.

  • MPs occur on the same day and time every month at the partner agency’s site

If you're interested in getting a Managed Project started at your organization, please contact the Director of Programs, Gyasi Ross at gyasi [at] laworks [dot] com.