Resources for Organizations

Volunteers are a tremendous asset to any organization, but recruitment, training, managing, and retaining them takes time, energy, and resources. In our efforts to support our partners work with volunteers as well as enhance the volunteer experience (key to retaining good volunteers!), we recommend checking out the following websites.

Top Tools & Resources for Nonprofits and Government | HandsOn Network
An evolving guide of tools, best practices, and research to help you inspire, equip, and mobilize volunteers in your community.

Resources for Volunteer Managers |
Information on all aspects of volunteer management, including preparing your organization to involve volunteers, screening, matching, record-keeping and evaluation, legal issues/risk management, volunteer/staff relations, online activism by volunteers, and volunteer management software.

Volunteer Management Resource Library | Energize, Inc.
Organized by subject. Each subject page provides Online Bookstore links, free articles or excerpts, free electronic books or guides, an annotated list of Web sites with more material on the subject, and links to relevant Hot Topics. Energize is a training, consulting and publishing company that specializes in voluntarism.

Volunteering in America
Access volunteering trends, statistics, tools, resources, and information for the nation, U.S. regions, states, and major cities. See also how states and cities rank on different factors related to volunteering. Learn about efforts to mobilize more volunteers.

Skills-Based Volunteering Resources | HandsOn Network
Today Skills-Based Volunteering is the new way of doing volunteering. Using personal talents or professional competences is a way for volunteers to help nonprofit organizations in their internal organization while developing new talents or leadership skills.

Preparedness Education | American Red Cross
Los Angeles residents face the possibility of a range of disasters, including earthquakes, home fires, wildfires, flash floods and heat emergencies among others. The American Red Cross Preparedness Education program provides neighborhood groups, community agencies and businesses with disaster preparedness presentations, materials and workshops. Volunteers can be a vital component to integrate into planning how your agency will function and recover in the event of a disaster.