Pro Bono: Executive and Skilled Volunteering

How it works

L.A. Works' Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteering Program is an exciting way to unite skilled professionals with local nonprofits to make good things happen in LA and beyond. We help organizations express their needs and wants as thoroughly defined and scoped projects, and connect them with volunteers who want to offer their professional skills. 

Getting Started

This is your opportunity to give back by doing what you know best! Simply log into your L.A. Works account and go to the "MY ACCOUNT" page to fill out your profile detailing your areas of expertise. Then browse through our menu of projects at local organizations to find one that's uniquely suited to your interests and skill set. We'll help by sending you projects we think you'll like, and will be there every step of the way to keep your project running smoothly.

Browse through our current listings of Pro Bono and skilled projects in the following categories and select one that matches your expertise and interests:

  • Marketing & Communications
  • Finance & Fundraising
  • General Strategy
  • Technology

So what is pro bono, exactly?

Pro Bono volunteers offer high-level consulting and capacity building services that enable continued organizational growth long after the volunteer has finished their work. The handy chart below illustrates how Pro Bono fits within the wide variety of volunteer projects available through L.A. Works.

 Skilled  Pro Bono
 Painting  Mural Design
 Developing a detailed system of  guidelines and parameters for designing  murals
 Landscape  architecture  services

 Creating a plan and guidelines for future  landscape design and in-kinding of  professional services
 Reading to kids  
 Tutoring in  school  subjects

 Designing tutoring curriculum
 Serving food  
 Cooking  food/chef  services

 Cost analysis of ingredient sourcing and  kitchen practices
 Data entry  
 Database  setup and  maintenance

 Needs assessment and selection of ideal  data tracking system
 Answering phones  
 Installing a  new phone  system

 Developing/reimagining a phone  script/volunteer handbook


RSVP Age 55+

Pro Bono, as a part of our RSVP Program, is open to all individuals age 55+. If you are interested in general volunteer opportunities such as assisting at a community garden, food bank or literacy program, among many other options, please click this link to visit the main RSVP page and browse our extensive menu of projects.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer your expertise, contact Courtney at courtney@laworks(dot)com.