Sponsored Pages

L.A. Works creates and manages ongoing volunteer opportunities to make it easy to volunteer. We encourage our corporate sponsors, whose generous donations underwrite our free, ongoing programming and trainings, to keep their employees active all year-round by checking out our calendar and listings with hundreds of volunteer projects every month. For companies who want to have a single webpage to direct their employees to vetted opportunities, L.A. Works can help with that too!


L.A. Works will identify ongoing and special events for employees on a unique corporate webpage located within our L.A. Works website. L.A. Works then maintains the featured listing, selecting opportunities from our existing database as well as including new opportunities, as appropriate, from the company's grantees and partners. The sponsorship for this service supports ongoing work in the community, building the capacity of the nonprofit sector through volunteerism.


Mattel incorporates volunteerism into their corporate culture. Mattel's global employees display their passion and spirit of giving by participating in volunteer activities around the world. Mattel engages more than 8,000 global employees annually in a variety of philanthropic activities.

To learn more about Sponsored Pages opportunities and benefits contact Keisa Davis at (323) 224-6510.