(Updated April 2, 2020) L.A. Works' values, mission, and programs are rooted in connectivity. We build community. We share resources. We care for one another. For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting this way of life. The best thing we can do right now is physically isolate ourselves, but let’s not confuse that with social isolation. There are still many ways we can step up to support our neighbors and make an impact, and L.A. Works is here to help you to do that. 

How can we help?

With off-site volunteer events off the table (for now), we know your first objective is to protect the health of your employees and others. But we know you are still looking for ways to take action during this public health crisis. There are still ways for your company to step in to address the gap in vital services and help our city’s most vulnerable citizens. L.A. Works is here to help you to find a way that best suits your circumstances. L.A. Works free, ongoing programming is made possible through our unique social enterprise model -- significantly underwritten by customized corporate volunteer events. As such, the following projects do have a fee, which will help us keep our doors open while we continual to mobilize volunteers to assist LA nonprofits. However, we want to encourage you to serve the community regardless of budget, so if you do not have funds at your disposal you can check out our community listings, here. 

Phone Calls to Stay Connected - Highest Need Right Now

Although COVID19 has hit every demographic, older Americans are at the greatest risk so are being told to stay home and away from socializing. Unfortunately, this age group is already at risk of social isolation, and this crisis will likely make that problem even worse. Your employees can make a difference by participating in our TeleSocial program to call seniors and other quarantined individuals to lend an ear and provide words of encouragement…all from the comfort of their home or office.

Table-Top Projects Supply Donations

Currently most non-profits are limiting the donations they accept, with the goal to decrease the number of people who may touch the supplies. This means, our table-top projects are currently on hold. However, we do have access to cleaning and hygiene kit supplies that can be directly donated. If you would like to help cover the cost of these donations, let us know.

Letters Against Loneliness

Help improve the stay of people living in residences, who were already at risk of isolation. This situation applies to different groups: elderly, people with disabilities or children in shelters. We want to help create magic connections between very different people, each supporting one to each other. Volunteers will be able to write emails to the residence telling them who they are, a personal story, asking about their lives or including photos or a drawing of their children, for example. People in the residences, assisted by the staff, will be able to answer the volunteers and continue the relationship between them.

Use Your High-Level Skills to Make a Deeper Impact

Most nonprofit organizations – including ours – count on volunteers to do a lot of the work of reaching out to vulnerable communities. With people staying home due to the COVID19 pandemic, nonprofits and the people they serve are at greater risk than ever, and in greater need than ever of volunteer with high-level skills such as systems and resource development to help them through this crisis…all of which can be done remotely. L.A. Works’ Concierge Service is here to match highly-skilled and executive volunteers with the nonprofit that matches their interests.

Lunch & Learn

A great way to stay connected, learn about the quickly changing philanthropic landscape, and how you can help by joining a Lunch & Learn session, either from work or remotely. Let us know your interests and we will connect you with our nonprofits that can give insight through video conferences accessible from wherever you are working.

Please email kim@laworks.com if you're interested in any of these options or want to explore how to best deploy your resources, connect your employees, and serve LA.