Gain new skills, processes, and resources!

As a capacity building organization, we help nonprofits make the most efficient and effective use of their people, money, and programs. We believe strengthened organizations are better positioned to achieve their missions, improve the lives of those they serve, and thrive. Likewise, we believe strong nonprofit organizations make stronger communities.

Signature Projects

Have an ongoing volunteer activity you'd like help with?  L.A. Works handpicks and trains Volunteer Project Leaders to manage your volunteers and run your opportunity.


L.A. Works recruits and matches volunteers age 55 and over with nonprofits, tapping into the volunteers’ experience, skills, and wisdom.

Corporate Programs

L.A. Works creates and manages large-scale beautification and skills-based service experiences at nonprofit partner sites, leveraging a company’s resources to benefit community groups in need.

Pro-Bono & Skilled Volunteer Program

L.A. Works connects and manages volunteers who want to utilize their professional skills with thoroughly defined and scoped nonprofit projects.

Volunteer Corps

L.A. Works recruits, places, and matches AmeriCorps VISTAs to spend a year at a nonprofit, building the volunteer infrastructure of an organization whose mission is to alleviate poverty. Find out more about the Volunteer Corps program and hosting a VISTA herevolunteercorps@laworks.com

Arts & Entertainment

L.A. Works develops masterclass sessions for industry influencers and celebrities to teach skilled students from underrepresented communities. This program recruits professional and semi-professional musicians as volunteers and raises the profile of the nonprofit served as well as the importance of volunteerism.

National Community Service