Become an L.A. Works' partner & find volunteers

As an L.A. Works partner, you have the ability to publish volunteer opportunities on our calendar, making it visible to our 25,000 volunteers. L.A. Works strives to provide our community partners with access to volunteer labor and other resources to support the great work that is being done in the Los Angeles community. Follow these steps to become an L.A. Works Partner.

Partnership Requirements

  • Be an IRS designated 501(c)(3) non-profit, school or government agency. We do NOT work with private individuals independent of an agency.

  • Carry general liability insurance.

  • Not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, national origin, age, or non-related medical condition or disability.

  • Volunteers may NOT be recruited for the following: political campaigns or work that can be viewed as overtly political; take part in a direct religious activity or proselytizing, or make direct financial asks as part of fundraising activities.

By partnering with us you get the opportunity of receiving a wide range of services to enhance your programming and operations, gain access to tens of thousands of monthly visitors to our website and be part of a strong network of service-minded leaders and professionals.

Ready To Become An L.A. Works Non-profit Partner?

Before applying, check to see if your organization is already registered with us; if not, apply for a partnership

Finding Volunteers

If you found your organization is already registered send us an email with your account information to so that you have access to post a volunteer opportunity. For example,

"Hi L.A. Works,

I am the volunteer coordinator at [non-profit name] please give me access to post opportunities, my email is [your email]."

Once access is granted, you can simply log in and follow these simple steps: