Welcome to L.A. Works

In 1990, L.A. Works took shape from a hope by the founders that if individuals worked together on local needs through hands-on service, they would feel empowered to address the broader racial and economic divides of their neighborhoods and cities. Their planning was only hastened by the March 1991 beating of Rodney King by members of the LAPD, which brought a combustive mix of racial tension and civil discord out in the open.

L.A. Works was founded later in 1991 and, in the 30 years since, has become Los Angeles' premier volunteer action center. With a database of over 50,000 active Angelenos who have volunteered within the past 5 years, each year L.A. Works recruits, mobilizes, and manages tens of thousands of new and returning volunteers in service to the Los Angeles community.

After the devastating pandemic and its consequences disproportionately affecting communities of color, it is obvious that the status quo isn't working. So, we are investing significant volunteer power to combat four critical issues that have surfaced - the academic achievement gap; health and wellness (e.g., food insecurity, mental health issues, isolation); homelessness; and environmental justice - through volunteer acts of service as well as advocacy.

L.A. Works creates and leads programming to address critical issues and needs in Los Angeles by mobilizing targeted volunteer communities - family volunteers; corporate volunteers; general community volunteers; and older adult volunteers. Included in these volunteers is an active membership of more than 750 committed volunteers who are age 55 or older.


Founded in 1991, our mission consists of three principal pillars:

  1. INCREASE volunteer participation in community service projects;
  2. PROVIDE our nonprofit partners with access to volunteer labor and other RESOURCES; and
  3. EDUCATE and encourage people to engage in the broader social issues affecting the greater Los Angeles Community.


Tens of thousands of committed volunteers together with thousands of civic, nonprofit and business partners have enabled L.A. Works to make a significant, visible and lasting contribution to Los Angeles.

Since 1991, L.A. Works has mobilized and led volunteers to contribute over a million hours to Los Angeles through unique volunteer programming, which has included:

  • Serving meals and preparing emergency food provisions for over 425,000 homeless and low-income individuals;
  • Providing educational and enrichment activities for over 65,000 disadvantaged youth;
  • Revitalizing schools, parks, and community centers for more than 200,000 volunteer hours;
  • Offering companionship to seniors and friendship to abused and homeless women for more than 20,000 volunteer hours;
  • Conserving, cleaning and restoring urban and natural environments in and around Los Angeles for more than 75,000 volunteer hours; 
  • Caring for animals in shelters and sanctuaries at over 1,200 volunteer projects; and
  • Training more than 900 Angelenos in project and volunteer management.


Bienvenidos a L.A. Works

L.A. Works es un centro de acción voluntaria sin fines de lucro - 501(c)3 - que crea e implementa proyectos prácticos de servicio comunitario en todo el área de Los Ángeles. Nuestra organización está comprometida con capacitar a los angelinos para que puedan abordar los problemas sociales más apremiantes a través del servicio voluntario y las colaboraciones comunitarias.


Fundada en 1991, nuestra misión consiste en tres pilares principales:

  1. AUMENTAR la participación voluntaria en proyectos de servicio comunitario;
  2. PROPORCIONAR a nuestros socios sin fines de lucro acceso a mano de obra voluntaria y otros RECURSOS; y
  3. EDUCAR y alentar a las personas a involucrarse en los problemas sociales más apremiantes que afectan a la gran comunidad de Los Ángeles.


Decenas de miles de voluntarios comprometidos con miles de socios civiles, sin fines de lucro y comerciales han permitido que L.A. Works haga una contribución significativa, visible y duradera a Los Ángeles.

Desde 1991, nuestros voluntarios han contribuido con más de un millón de horas de trabajo a Los Ángeles a través de una programación de servicio única que ha incluido:

  • Servir comidas y preparar suministros de alimentos de emergencia para más de 425,000 personas sin hogar y de bajos ingresos;
  • Proporcionar actividades educativas y de enriquecimiento para más de 65,000 jóvenes desfavorecidos;
  • Revitalizar escuelas, parques y centros comunitarios por más de 200,000 horas de trabajo voluntario;
  • Ofrecer apoyo a personas mayores, mujeres maltratadas y personas sin hogar por más de 20,000 horas de trabajo voluntario;
  • Conservar, limpiar y restaurar entornos urbanos y naturales en Los Ángeles y sus alrededores por más de 75,000 horas de trabajo voluntario;
  • Cuidar animales en refugios y santuarios en más de 1,200 proyectos de voluntariado; y
  • Capacitar a más de 900 angelinos en gestión de proyectos y voluntarios.


L.A. Works는

봉사활동의 경험이 더 의미있을 수 있도록 봉사 희망자들의 관심분야와 실제 봉사활동을 매칭시켜 로스앤젤러스 전역의 다양한 봉사활동에 직접 참여할 수 있는 기회를 제공하는 501(c)3 비영리 단체입니다. 우리의 목표는 로스앤젤러스 주민들의 자원봉사와 지역간 협력을 통해 로스엔젤러스 지역이 당면한 심각한 사회문제들을 해결해 나갈 수 있는 자생력을 키우는데 기여하는 것입니다.


L.A. Works의 미션

1991년 설립 이후 L.A. Works에서 주력하는 세가지 분야는 

1. 지역봉사활동의 참여율 증가 

2. 지역의 다양한 비영리단체들이 필요로 하는 자원봉사자와 자원에 대한 접근성 확보 

3. 로스엔젤러스 지역에 영향을 미치는 광범위한 사회문제들에 대한 인식 및 해결을 위한 참여 확대


L.A. Works 의 성과 및 파급효과

다양한 시민단체, 비영리단체, 수익단체 및 수많은 헌신적인 자원봉사자들의 참여로 L.A. Works는 로스앤젤러스 지역사회의 지속 가능한 중대한 변화에 기여할 수 있었습니다. 

1991년 설립 이후, 저희 단체를 통해 자원봉사자들이 참여한 총 봉사활동 시간은 100만 시간 이상이며, 참여한 봉사활동의 사레는: 

* 425,000명의 홈리스와 저소득층들에게 식사 및 비상식량 제공 

* 65,000명의 빈곤층 청소년들에게 교육 및 다양한 체험활동 제공 

* 낙후된 학교, 공원, 지역회관의 재활성화에 200,000 시간 이상의 봉사활동 제공 

* 노인 및 학대받은 홈리스 여성들에게20,000시간 이상의 교제활동 제공 

* LA 주변의 도심 및 자연 환경의 보존, 정화 및 재생에 75,000 시간 이상의 봉사활동 제공 

* 1,200개 이상의 동물보호소 및 보호구역 관련 프로젝트 지원 

* 900명 이상의 LA 시민에게 프로젝트 및 자원봉사자 관리교육 실시