For 30 years L.A. Works has worked in partnership with organizations that address homelessness, at-risk youth, hunger, poor quality education, environmental injustice, and more... all serving a disproportionate number of people of color. The status quo is not working. With your help, we are continuing to identify ways that we can best leverage volunteer power and the resources at our disposal to address systemic racism in our community. Creating volunteer programs and experiences infused with discussions, learning, and advocacy to advance social change is at the very core of our mission.

Our Featured Projects Supporting Black Lives

Join our Signature Program and learn how to ⚙ Advocate for Racial Justice
Sign up for additional information on special initiatives re: Black Lives Matter as they become available.
Become a Virtual Communications Coordinator for Dynasty Youth United Association

Help Black lives by volunteering to stop the education gap

"Black students not only have less rigorous core academic content, but they also have less access to a broad and enriching curriculum. African American males are 9 percent more likely to be expelled for average behavior issues" according to CalFund. Volunteering for our education projects helps black lives, please join one of our partner organizations in service.

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Hunger and Homelessness

According to Feed America, more than one in four African-Americans, 27 percent, or 10 million is at risk of hunger. Because of the systematic issues, there is no one way to tackle this issue, but volunteering at some of our hunger and homelessness projects can begin to repair the problem.

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