Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service - Jan. 21, 2019

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., this year we'll be serving at George Washington Carver Middle School. Home of the Cougars, Carver Middle School is located in South Los Angeles. On average, at Carver Middle School only 7% of incoming sixth grade students read at grade level. Many of the barriers faced by the students have to do with lack of resources, as well as homelessness, foster housing, and access to food.

"At George Washington Carver Middle School and our neighboring schools in South LA, we are trying to create a vision of opportunity most of our students have never truly seen or felt. High-need schools need more supports — like social workers, nurses, and arts programs — than schools in more affluent areas. And we need courage and collective action from our district leadership and the broader Los Angeles community to help us get there.” – Principal, LaTasha Buck

On Monday, January 21st, we will honor Dr. King’s legacy and dream by engaging the vast network of forces that impact student success. This year we are inviting over 1,000 students, teachers, community and corporate volunteers, and local nonprofits to serve in collective action. We seek to achieve the dream by holistically targeting areas both inside and outside of the classroom that play a role in academic achievement. Considering that student achievement can be affected either positively or negatively by the school environment, volunteers will engage in a variety of beautification projects.

Beautiful and clean facilities push students in the right direction by giving them an uplifting, positive space to work and grow in. They will come into school reminded that they're worth something because someone took the time to take care of a place they call home for eight or more hours of the day - that someone could be you!

We hope that the strike is resolved soon. MLK Day of Service will take place whether or not the strike has lifted. There is no school on MLK Day and so volunteers will not have to cross a picket line on January 21st.

 Click the following links to get involved in one of our five opportunities available that day:

To learn about corporate sponsorship opportunities for this event, please email Kim Olpin, VP of Corporate Engagement.