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City of Carson Community Service Department

Carson is a vibrant city with a small town atmosphere where relationships are important. This is clearly visible throughout the community, from the stable single family neighborhoods, which make up nearly eighty percent of the city's residences, to the partnership between businesses and volunteer driven agencies which strengthen the city's remarkable social fabric. The social composition of Carson is California in miniature. It is a city with a balanced ethnic and cultural mix living together in harmony and prosperity. The community takes pride in the large percentage of Carson students who attend college, many at California State University Dominguez Hills, a valuable asset to the city. Carson's strategic position in the heart of the powerful economic engine that is Southern California attracts international corporations which recognize the city's bright future. The city's proximity to the West Coast's two major ports, as well as its intersection by four Southland freeways, makes it a major gateway to the Pacific Rim. We, the people who live and work in Carson, take pride in our city and will continue to build relationships which ensure that future.

Civic & Community
Low-income Communities
Carson, CA, 90745