Organization Profile

Our mission statewide and nationally is to rapidly accelerate the implementation of emotional and relational-intelligence raising life skills training - known to educators as social emotional learning - in every school in the state and country and particularly within disadvantaged schools • Such cost-effective training demonstrably upgrades children’s educational and life prospects and can dramatically elevate widespread substandard school performance and markedly diminish bullying, violence, racism, drug usage, suicides and digital addiction. • Research has shown that most school challenges as well as human conflict, dysfunction, societal ills and miserable behaviors result from lack of training during childhood in how to manage our emotions, relationships, communications, behaviors and decisions in a positive manner. • EQ-trained students become remarkable, highly evolved, high-functioning people who learn and create beautifully together, know how to solve conflict and other problems personally and societally, and who mostly go on to successful and healthy lives and lead the way in creating positive workplaces. • Studies show that general EQ learning will raise the level of Americans EQ - and with that defuse most social ills. On a macro scale. It provides the mindset and behavioral fix for much of what is seriously damaged within this country, with humanity for eons, and in the world.

Los Angeles, CA, 90064