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California Peace Action


*Volunteer to do election work to create change in swing states. You can volunteer as little as 2 hours a month to bring about change. Volunteers will call Washington & Arizona state voters to give information about the candidates in their area and to do get out the vote work. We will work on U.S. Congressional races. We need as many people as possible to help. * Free Refreshments!!!! * Get information about our election work!!! * Call the Volunteer Coordinator to sign up. (213) 388-8128 Ext. 104 www.californiapeaceaction.org The volunteer hours are Monday thru Friday 5 to 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 6pm. Minimums of 2 volunteer hours a month are required. Please call to receive a volunteer orientation. Thank you for you time and consideration

3550 west 6th st., Los Angeles, CA, 90010
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