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Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters


At Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles our vision is to be the place for the Jewish community to come and serve kids, helping facilitate Excellence in Mentoring. Our mission is to assist children, primarily from single-parent homes, in achieving their full potential. We exist because we see disturbing trends in society which dictate an increased demand for our services. Some of the trends, which equate to significant challenges for our kids are: Continued cutback in education funding ï¾­ specifically appropriate outlets like arts, drama and music Increase in alcohol and drug abuse amongst adolescents More access to more information (via the internet) with less supervision Youth violence is on the rise Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles is in the business of combating these issues by providing mentoring services to kids. Our statistics show that our work has a significant impact on the kids because as a result, the kids that participate in our programs are: 52% less likely to skip school 46% less likely to begin using drugs 27% less likely to begin drinking 33% less likely to act out violently towards others Our goal is to continue enriching the lives of children by providing client-appropriate mentoring programs that help build self-esteem, self-respect and relationship building skills.

6505 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90048
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