Organization Profile

Los Angeles Mentoring Coalition For Youth

MISSION: The mission of the Los Angeles Mentoring Coalition for Youth is to advocate for mentoring of children and youth, resulting in greater numbers of quality, safe mentoring relationships, expanded awareness of mentoring, and strong collaboration and increased resources for mentoring organizations in Los Angeles. VISION: The vision of the Los Angeles Mentoring Coalition for Youth is to serve as a voice and vehicle that will transform our communities by supporting, enhancing and increasing diverse mentoring services that effectively impact and meet the needs of all youth. We will engage in: Strategic collaboration Capacity-building Increased engagement of stakeholders Blending and leveraging of resources, and Promotion of best practices Via these strategies and others, the Coalition will collaboratively increase the quality, scope and understanding of mentoring, thereby maximizing the number of caring, qualified and committed mentors actively engaged in the lives of our youth. MEMBERSHIP: Los Angeles Mentoring Coalition for Youthï¾’s Steering Committee consists of the following mentoring organizations: Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters Children Uniting Nations/mPLAY Fulfillment Fund Los Angeles Team Mentoring, Inc./TeamWorks Program Los Angeles Unified School District - Beyond the Bell Branch and School Volunteer Program Youth Mentoring Connection To qualify for coalition membership, agencies must: Offer targeted mentoring services Meet standards of MENTORï¾’S Elements of Effective Practice Complete application process COALITION SERVICES PROVIDED: Los Angeles leadership for National Mentoring Month Collaborative mentor recruitment efforts Collaborative fundraising efforts Clearinghouse LAMCY web-based resources Promotion of mentoring best practices Referrals for training and technical assistance TYPES OF MENTORING SERVICES REPRESENTED: One-on-One Mentoring Team Mentoring Workplace Mentoring Academic Mentoring Foster Youth Mentoring Cross-age Mentoring Community-based Mentoring School-based Mentoring Site-based Mentoring GEOGRAPHIC Location Served: Greater Los Angeles Area Los Angeles County Los Angeles Unified School District Youth Demographics: Latino = 66% African American = 22% Caucasian = 6% Asian = 3% Other = 3% Number of Youth Served: Approximately 115,000 Los Angeles Youth, ages 6-18 years

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