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Children Uniting Nations


Children Uniting Nations(CUN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality mentoring relationships for foster youth by recruiting, training, and supporting volunteer mentors. CUN, working in partnership with Beyond the Bell, brings an academic mentoring program designed by experts in the foster care andmentoring communities to identified LAUSD middle schools. The program was created for these youth based on the following facts: ユ Poor attendance rates ユ Less likely to perform at grade level ユ More likely to have behavior and discipline problems ユ More likely to be assigned to special education classes ユ Less likely to attend college ユ Sub-standard academic performance perpetuates already low self-esteem and can contribute to violent behavior ユIncreased school violence causes disruption in the learning environment for all students ユ Todayメs youth are in need of positive role models ユ Demonstrated benefits to youth as a result of mentoring include better school attendance, better grades, improved attitude toward school, increased chance of going on to higher education, improved social and emotional development Program Design

333 South Beaudry Avenue Floor B2-216, Los Angeles, CA, 90017
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