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Families of the Incarcerated

Families of the Incarcerated is a non-profit organization aimed at supporting youth who are struggling with the loss of a parent from incarceration. The CHIP (Children of Incarcerated Parents) Program was established in September 2009 as a one-year program for mentors to be matched with young children between the ages of 8 - 14 who are struggling with this loss. Mentors are asked to dedicate one year of their time for one hour a week or two hours every two weeks with their mentee to help build and support a long-lasting relationship. Every child deserves the opportunity to be listened to and loved and the CHIP Program seeks to provide that for those children who are less privileged.

Civic & Community, Health & Wellness, Family Services
Families, Offenders/Ex-offenders
2049 S. Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90021