Organization Profile

LA CAUSA YouthBuild Inc.

LA CAUSA YouthBuild is a comprehensive youth leadership and community development organization for disenfranchised youth living in East Los Angeles and their families. LA CAUSA YouthBuild is dedicated to coaching youth through the process of their own self-empowerment while helping them address issues that are of most importance to them. These may include, but are not limited to, creating an inclusive and supportive community where youth can earn their high school diploma, participate meaningfully in leadership activities within their communities, nurture a Critical Multi-dimensional Consciousness of the challenges faced by their community, and develop the skills to take action in transforming these conditions. LA CAUSA YouthBuild provides out of school and unemployed youth ages 16-24 vocational training in the areas of media literacy, computer technology, and sustainable residential construction by providing hands on opportunities to impact their communities.

Children & Youth Education, Schools, Civic & Community
Los Angeles, CA, 90022