Organization Profile

Alta California Elementary School

Mission and Vision Mission, Vision and Philosophy: Mission – “The mission of Alta California Elementary School is to collaborate with families and the community by providing challenging, real-life learning opportunities, preparing students for success in a diverse society and ever-changing world. Students will become self-directed learners as they become proficient in standards-based curriculum. Alta California Elementary School staff will develop and support students who are innovative problem solvers, who will be technologically skilled and will become constructive thinkers and responsible members of society.” Vision – “It is the vision of Alta California Elementary School that it becomes a school where all students have the individual support, encouragement and opportunity they need to achieve academically at very high levels. They will develop the personal habits and values, which will allow them to be successful both in school and their community. Alta California Elementary School will implement the best practices from research-based curriculum and decisions will be data-driven to develop lessons and strategies that meet the needs of all students.” Philosophy - The underlying philosophy of the Alta California Elementary School community is to create a school that projects a sense of purpose and has an unflagging enthusiasm for quality that will permeate the entire organization. This philosophy is dedicated to excellence in every social and academic endeavor, and is committed to inexorable improvement. It encourages qualities the families in this Panorama City community deserve: The nurturing of leadership among staff, students, and parents Learning as a lifelong practice Parents participating as integral partners in their child’s education Community partnerships that contribute to the success of the school The school as a resource to support the needs of the community The planning team is certain that the vision, mission and philosophy, while ambitious, are attainable and can be measured by multiple objective criteria: Student progress as evidenced by summative and formative data that includes CAASPP scores, School Quality Improvement Index, interim assessments and periodic assessment data A consistently high attendance rate that meets or exceeds the District goal of 96% Student work products, including projects and portfolios, that demonstrate students are mastering grade level standards The School Report Card A high rate of teacher satisfaction and retention A reliable rate of parent and community participation in the school Parent, staff and student satisfaction surveys that indicate a high level of approval for the school A reduced rate of suspension and other disciplinary measures

Children & Youth Education
Panorama City, CA, 91402