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Social Impact Consulting

Our social impact consulting services are designed to help assess, plan, and implement initiatives that have the greatest potential for long-term, sustainable results.


We increase your local impact by actualizing strategic ways to integrate your ethos and employee assets with real community needs.

 L.A. Works’ social impact team works with your company to develop long-term community investment initiatives. By utilizing our social impact consulting services, we can support your efforts to create ongoing and informed community impact.

Benefits to your organization


Building deeper, trusting, and ongoing relationships with the community;


Ensuring your company doesn't accidentally fall into "vanity volunteering"; and


Advancing informed civic participation by your company's employees for the benefit of all LA.

Examples of
Social Impact Consulting Work

  • A needs assessment of the community of interest;  

  • A qualitative assessment of company and employee value-add (what you are bringing to the table);

  • An appraisal of employee familiarity on social issues impacting the community;

  • Identification of nonprofits and community partners who would best directly benefit from the skills your company offers;

  • Recommendations of diverse social impact options that align with the organization’s values, capacity, and volunteer level of readiness;

  • Educational workshops to help empower employees to have a fuller understanding of the social issues your company cares about; 

  • Introductions to key community stakeholders your company is seeking to serve; and/or

  • A reporting and measurement plan to determine success of social impact initiatives.

Sign up to volunteer:

To learn more about getting your company involved with one of these opportunities, or to inquire about an idea that isn’t listed here, reach out to our corporate team!
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