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February 2024 FAVE Project: Valentines for Veterans

What we'll do:
  • Learn about Veterans, and why they need our help - content below

  • Learn about CalVets and their amazing residents - more below

  • Assemble valentines and gift bags -supply list and instructions here

  • Join us in person at CalVets if you can!

  • Drop off finished kits no later than Monday, February 12

  • Keep learning and advocating for veterans - see actions below

Where the valentines are being donated:

This month our partner is Cal Vets. Their mission is:"To serve and honor all California veterans by connecting them and their families with their earned benefits through education, advocacy, and direct services."

We are supporting the Westside Veteran's Home of California - CalVets where they house close to 300 veterans over the age of 55. CalVets provides more than just housing, they provide meals, healthcare, activities, and events for their residents.

Many of these residents might otherwise find themselves homeless without the support of CalVets. Homelessness is a widespread problem and unfortunately veterans are more likely to be unhoused than non-veterans.

There are 1.6 million veterans in California and California has the most unhoused veterans. We know that there are many things that can lead to homeslessness such as unemployment, PTSD, physical or mental disability, and social isolation. Through this project we will assist CalVets by creating a connection through a handmade mug and scarf, plus a personalized card expressing gratitude.

They will be able to use these items again and again, but also be reminded of the care you spent to make something for them. It’s always important for veterans to feel connected and to know that people appreciate their service to their country. Whether you can join us in person or at home, these mugs and scarves are a very personal expression of our appreciation for these vets!

For Younger Children:

Sesame Street has a host of resources dedicated to military children. Many say that it is not just the service member who becomes a veteran, but their families as well. This video can help you explore issues that military families face.

Here is another Sesame Street video examining the separation from family that some Veterans may have experienced and how the families are impacted by time apart and combat wounds. This is geared for upper elementary to middle school students. Understanding that Veterans’ needs extends to families as well helps build greater understanding and empathy.

For Upper grades and adults:

This video is best suited for high school children and adults. It explores the diversity among military Veterans: PBS Video (grades 9-12)

A high school puts on an event honoring and listening to Veterans: Voices of Veterans (grades 6-12)

This series features mature content suitable for mature, older high school students and adults: PBS Television series American Veterans.

“American Veteran illuminates the veteran experience with a stunning range of voices from today and across the arc of American history.”

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