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Celebrate César Chávez Day, March 31 


César Chávez Day of Service is an opportunity to honor the life and work of the civil rights and labor movement activist. This year, we invite volunteers to address the impact of food insecurity and climate change on the Latinx community, coming together in service to support day laborers, their families, and the community at large.  

While his challenging views on undocumented immigrants are not aligned with our values, his impact on farmworkers labor rights is undeniable. To learn more about César Chávez's legacy and complicated views on undocumented farmworkers, we recommend this article from the Los Angeles Times.  

Thank you for joining us for Cesar Chavez Day of Service.

Volunteer experiences like today's Cesar Chavez Day of Service event provide a response to urgent community needs. We know the event alone won’t solve LA’s pressing issues. However, when facilitated with equity and education, we have seen how activities like today’s help volunteers understand more about the larger issues and it is our hope that you continue to serve more often and deeply to address them.

The recent storms in California have decimated crops and reduced work opportunities for farm workers across the state. Disasters such as these storms take a major toll on the farm worker community – everything from income to housing to food and clothing are impacted.



Pajaro Floods: Los Angeles Times, March 12, 2023


Pajaro Floods: Los Angeles Times, March 15, 2023

When it comes to planning for disasters, it is important to consider environmental justice issues. The farm worker community has been hit harder than most. When preparing for a disaster, understanding the barriers these communities face can help to ensure that they have access to preparedness resources and are able to recover quickly.


Take action by helping vulnerable communities prepare for a disaster!

Advocate for and support organizations that are focused on improving the lives of farm workers and ensuring equitable policies and protections.

Learn more about Cesar Chavez here:
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