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COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

The nonprofit sectors’ work is extremely critical and we are all eager to get back to meeting our missions with full volunteer support; however, the decision when and how to engage volunteers programmatically and operationally must be driven by a realistic assessment of the organization’s ability to resume its own operations safely, then extended to a realistic assessment of how to extend that safety plan to volunteers on-site.

At a minimum, when engaging volunteers in-person, nonprofits should:

  • Require usage of face coverings on site.

  • Hold programs outdoors or in highly ventilated area if at all possible.

  • Have accessible hand washing stations and/or hand sanitizer easily accessible.

  • Instruct volunteers to wash their hands upon entering your building.

  • Visible display of preventive measures.

  • Ensure that bathrooms and shared spaces are deep-cleaned and disinfected.

  • Limit convening in populated areas, such as, waiting rooms, lobbies, etc.

  • All directives and recommendations pertaining to COVID-19 issued by County of LA or other relevant City agencies must be followed such as allowing for 6 feet of distance between people.

COVID-19 Volunteer Engagement Guide 

L.A. Works has created the following Volunteer Engagement Guide during COVID-19 to provide some ideas and frameworks to re-opening your sites to volunteers. Once you've reviewed it, if you have any questions or thoughts on how to increase its usability or ideas and resources that you've found that we should be sharing, please let us know!



COVID-19 Volunteer Infection Mitigation Corps Team Support

Additionally, L.A. Works has launched a COVID-19 Volunteer Infection Mitigation Corps Team for organizations interested in having a volunteer assist with thinking through how to implement the guide.

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