L.A. Works Media & News Stories

Check out some recent stories about L.A. Works highlighting our efforts to help create a thriving and equitable LA.


TeleSocial Segment May - 2020

KTLA - January 2020

Spectrum - January 2020

CBS - January 2020

LA THIS WEEK - April 2019

Spectrum - March 2019

Spectrum - March 2019

Los Angeles Times - January 2020

Los Angeles magazine - November 2019 

Sentinel - January 2019


Press Releases:

(5/8/20) L.A. Works launches lifeline for homebound seniors. Click here to view TeleSocial press release.

(3/20/20) L.A. Works is committed to serving the community during these trying times. Click here to view L.A. Works coronavirus volunteer response.

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Deborah Brutchey
Executive Director