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Join the L.A. Works team

The team at L.A. Works doesn't just create volunteer opportunities, we create valuable experiences for nonprofit organizations to build their capacity and individuals looking to give back to their communities.

In Los Angeles, we are uniquely positioned to contribute to a variety of issues and through that we can give back in a big way. Join us in helping to make Los Angeles a vibrant, interconnected, just, and caring home.

  • Our work matters and has a direct positive impact on our neighbors

  • We enjoy a casual, but focused work atmosphere

  • We work on a hybrid model: primarily remote with an occasional in-person meeting or event

Our Beliefs About Hiring

Our team welcomes diversity. Your gender identity, religious beliefs, orientation, shape, sex, skin color, family history, age - and all of the many other factors that make you unique - are formidable tools, traits, and experiences that you bring to the table. We celebrate them and believe that you deserve an equal opportunity.

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