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Share your interests & experience.
Learn new skills.
Make meaningful connections. 

Join RSVP.


Our AmeriCorps RSVP program is a place for age 55+ volunteers and is free to join. Read below to find out how RSVP is your place to be.

What is RSVP?

RSVP is a nationally funded program that is a part of AmeriCorps Seniors.  By joining the L.A. Works RSVP program, you’re pitching in with thousands of other 55+ volunteers making changes in their communities from coast to coast.  Think of RSVP at L.A. Works as your local chapter for a winning national volunteer league!

Exclusive Programs for RSVP Members

TeleSocial are social call programs that connect volunteers to call recipients across LA county.

Adult education supports job readiness for individuals looking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

K-12 Education supports nonprofit organizations in their efforts to bring education equity to students throughout L.A.

As you might know, L.A. Works recruits, trains, and leads volunteers with at nonprofits programs all over Los Angeles County. 


Think of us as a “nonprofit’s nonprofit” because we help nonprofits find the volunteers they need to meet their missions. And volunteers, like yourself, get to reap the benefits of having a one stop shop for different ways to volunteer across a multitude of categories of interest. There is no better example of how L.A. Works works, than the RSVP Program!

The RSVP Senior Corps Advisory Board at L.A. Works is an opportunity to be a part of the committee that lends their skills, guidance, and knowledge to the RSVP leadership staff to achieve the greater goals & growth of the program. The advisory board supports strategy building for the RSVP program's future & sustainability for serving the needs of Los Angeles with volunteers age 55+.


If you would like to learn more about becoming part of the RSVP Advisory Board, please contact

Be part of something special!

Experience the many benefits of volunteering through RSVP:


Try Something New

  • Learn a new skill or keep your existing skills sharp.

  • Meet like-minded Angelenos who want to share their life experiences at large scale volunteer events like MLK Day and Cesar Chavez Day.

  • Make social connections with isolated individuals through TeleSocial.

  • Join a workshop or take part in a one-on-one tutor/mentor session to help mitigate the devastating impact the pandemic has had on academic achievement.

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Make an Impact

  • 750 RSVP volunteers currently provide critical support to organizations across L.A.

  • Caring for animals in shelters and sanctuaries at over 1,200 volunteer projects

  • Providing educational and enrichment activities for over 65,000 disadvantaged youth

  • Hundreds of children and young adults receive tutoring and mentoring services.


Enjoy the Benefits

  • Free Membership in the local chapter of a national volunteer network.

  • Custom curated newsletters focused on upcoming volunteer events.

  • Appreciation Events with a chance to socialize.

  • Free supplemental insurance coverage from AmeriCorps during volunteer hours.

  • RSVP Staff that can help you find ways to volunteer and get the most out of your membership.

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