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L.A. Civic Leadership
and Impact Awards

October 5, 2023

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Hosted by the Los Angeles Football Club at BMO Stadium

Awards Event

With its special view of the downtown Los Angeles skyline and quintessential LA feel, BMO Stadium provides the perfect backdrop for this lunchtime celebration.


At L.A. Works’ inaugural awards event, we will recognize the exceptional contributions of individuals and organizations who have made a positive impact on Los Angeles. Their leadership strengthens our community and inspires collective action.


Special guest presenters and a lively lunchtime program will entertain and excite, making this an awards event not to be missed.

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Award Categories

The Rising Star Award - Awarded to someone who questions the status quo and is leading others to make meaningful change in Los Angeles.


Civic Leadership in Business Awards

  • Small Business, Big Impact Award - Awarded to a small business owner who utilizes their business to uplift the community or whose business acts as a community hub.

  • Empowering Communities Award - Awarded to an employee who has provided system-impacted young adults in Los Angeles with job readiness or workforce mentorship for a brighter future.

  • Climate Action Leadership Award - Awarded to someone who champions climate or sustainability initiatives within their company.

  • Pro-bono Power Award - Awarded to a legal professional who has dedicated their time one or more nonprofits for the betterment of LA.


Community Impact Award - Awarded to small, medium, and large nonprofit organizations that harness the power of volunteers in a way that enables them to best meet their missions and make a positive impact on LA.

Award for Civic Leadership in Education - Awarded to an educator who has empowered youth to take action to impact the public good. (Elementary through higher ed.)

Individual Nominees

Abigail Lopez-Byrd
Adikadayo Jackson
Alan Johnson
Alexis Coleman
Aliya-Jasmine Sovani
Barbara Winkler
Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez
Brandon Johnson
Brenda Magid
Bryan Paz
Carolyn Lemos - Urquidez
Carrie Murray
Caty Wagner
Charles Dickerson
Christina Navarro  
Craig Mitchell
Daniel Halper
Danielle King
Darika Brown
Darlene Campbell
Daveon Swan
Daysi Garcia
Elena Popp
Eli Beltran
Elizabeth Christy
Elizabeth Jinzo
Enrique Cox
Eric C. Burroughs
Faith E Saunders
Genny Guerrero
Geraldine Hughes
Gerard Guerra
Gina Greblo
Gwenna Hunter
Harry J. Elam
Heather Thomas
Igbo Obioha
Jack Witt
Jackie Hernandez
Jae Wu & Sean McMillan
James Stouvenel
Janelle Hartley
Jay Tsao
Jay Watts
Jesa Townsend
Jessica Daugherty
Jessica Guerrero
Jessica Nunez
Jimmy Lopez
Johnathan Martin
Juan Hernandez
Judge Craig Mitchell
Julie Uhrman and Catherine Dávila
Juliet Udeochu
Julissa Espinoza

Kaitlyn Lee

Katherine Owojori

Keisha Meeks

Kendal Troutman

Kimberly Bly

Kristina Wong

Kurt Cabrera-Miller

LaTanya Ward

Laura Yochum

Leona Harrison

Liliana Funes

Lisa Johnson

Luisa Rodríguez -Rivera

Magybet Mendez
Maria D'Angelo
Mark Loranger
Mark Sosing
Mary Fagnano
Matthew Tsao
Maxwell Suwaki
Melissa Lahti
Michelle Pagtakhan
NanaEfua Afoh-Manin MD, MPH
Nati Rodriguez
Nicole L. Feast-Williams
Nina Grace Shelby
Nina Torres
Omolara Okunubi
Patricia Lankford
Paul Avila
Paul Camarata
Rehana Jamal
Richard Reyes
Rikki Mendias
Robert Sausedo
Ruben Cardiel
Rudy Martinez
Ruhee Jaffer
Samuel N. Prater
Shannon Morton
Shayne Evans
Soleil Delgadillo, M.S., P.P.S, CVA
Soniya Perl, MS, RD
Spring Groove
Stacy McAlister Jr
Steven Fleming
Tami Shaikh
Tara Nierenhausen
Tisha Janigian
Trinity Tran
Tyler Kenney
Vivian Hines
Wemimo Abbey
Yuri Williams
Zeltsin Herrera


Blue SkyLA-A program of Breathe Southern California and Climate Cents
BumbleBee Foundation
Create Now
Every Day Action
Food Forward Inc.
Gay For Good - Los Angeles Chapter
Healing Urban Barrios
John M. Langston Bar Association
Reading Partners Los Angeles
School on Wheels
Shepherds Pantry
Step Up Tutoring
The Makers Hub
Tim Barber Architects
West LA Homeless (WLAH)

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