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Earth Day 
April 22, 2023

In partnership with California Climate Action Corps, a program of California Volunteers (Office of the Governor) L.A. Works will co-host an Earth Day celebration for more than 500 volunteers. The hands-on micro projects on the day will be spread throughout Los Angeles and will include tree planting, school greening, and composting for maximum impact.

Featured Earth Day Opportunities:

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Every system on Earth is connected, and actions taken in one impact the others. Decisions made about economics or politics can have rippling impacts on society, communities, and our natural environments. Climate change impacts every part of the world differently, but disproportionately threatens the most vulnerable communities — who are already bearing the brunt of environmental degradation. As an individual, you yield real power for change locally and globally through your influence as a consumer, a voter, and a community member.

Widely recognized as the world’s largest environmental observance, Earth Week encourages people to take collective action in the fight to combat climate change. Throughout this week, L.A. Works will showcase volunteer activities that you can participate in year-round, like:


  • Urban greening

  • Edible food recovery

  • Composting

  • Wildfire resiliency

  • …and more! 

“California has invested more in wildfire prevention than any time in our history. Enacted bold climate policies. But it’s not enough. We must do more. We need action at EVERY level.”

— Governor Newsom 

Can't Volunteer on Earth Day?

Here are some other Opportunities during Earth Week:
April 15-23, 2023

Get in touch

To learn more about sponsorship, please contact Stephen Davalos

Media Inquiries, please contact Samantha Wheeler

Earth Week LA Works

Dig Deeper

When environmental scientists refer to Climate Collapse or Global Heating, they are referring to the human induced warming of the earth through the burning of fossil fuels. This process is perpetuated by industrialization, agriculture, fast fashion and furniture, global trade, and so on.

Take Action

We must do everything we can to reduce our emissions and, on top of that, actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Here are some ideas of immediate actions you can take:

  • Use Earth Day's plastic calculator with your kids and discuss how your family can reduce plastic consumption.

  • Implement as many of these 52 Actions and Tips to make a difference.

  • Switch to LED lightbulbs to dramatically reduce the amount of power needed to light your home. LED lights last 100x longer than traditional light bulbs!

  • Seal air and water leaks in your home to improve efficiency and reduce your utility bills.

  • Install modern low-flow shower
heads, saving carbon emissions,
energy costs, and up to 15,000
 gallons of water per person per

  • Learn how to compost and
reduce the carbon impact of
food waste; plus, this will give
 you a free source of soil if you
 have a garden!

  • Tell global leaders at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to commit to compulsory, assessed climate and environmental education with a strong civic engagement component at COP27 this November.

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