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Housing Insecurity

California has the largest rate of homelessness with almost half of entire U.S. unhoused community living in this state. It is no surprise that Los Angeles County, due to its size, is the county with the largest unhoused population. In 2020, 66,436 people were found to be living on the street in tents, makeshift dwellings, and vehicles across L.A. County during LAHSA”s Homeless Count.  

How you can help

Participate in the annual LAHSA Homeless Count, which happens every year in January.

Go to to learn more and sign up.  


Attend a Los Angeles County Homeless Coalition meeting on homelessness. Each part of the county has their own coalition meetings. 


Participate in your Neighborhood Council, and help the unhoused residents in your neighborhood. Your Neighborhood Council likely has a housing and homelessness committee that you can get involved in!  

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