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The L.A. Works team spends all year recruiting and leading  volunteers to serve nonprofits across Los Angeles.
Your Gift to L.A. Works Helps Volunteers Work for Los Angeles
Why is L.A. Works considered a “Nonprofit’s Nonprofit?”


Because L.A. Works makes sure nonprofits across LA County have the volunteer force they need to accomplish their missions. We create programming for families, corporations, older adults, and Angelenos who have time to give to address the most critical issues in LA. Your contribution on Giving Tuesday will help support volunteer participation in the community.

Every Act of Generosity Counts.


The goal of Giving Tuesday is simple – it’s a day where people are encouraged to do good. Whether you spend time volunteering, take a stand on an issue that matters, help a stranger, or find a way to make someone smile, you’re doing a small part to make an impact. If L.A. Works has encouraged you to become a changemaker, please consider donating today to support our efforts in building a more just and equitable Los Angeles.

Volunteer Your Dollars on Giving Tuesday


Even if you don't have the time to give, you can donate and support another volunteer's effort in the community. On Giving Tuesday, help us continue to fuel the people who are powering our nonprofit sector by volunteering your dollars.

… every dollar truly helps!

Give in honor of...

A gift of $3 Represents the average size of a single parent household that projects serve.

A gift of $7 Is the average number of volunteers requested weekly by just one nonprofit.

A gift of $19 Equals the average number of nonprofit partners we are able to serve a month.

A gift of $49 Represents the staff and associates at L.A. Works working every day to make volunteering a positive and impactful experience.

A gift of $84 Is the average number of volunteer projects open for participants each week.

A gift of $133 Represents the number of paint brushes in our warehouse prepped for the next mural.

Give a gift of $311 To honor the 31 years that L.A. Works has been working in our community.

A gift of $570 Matches our HQ address in Cypress Park.

$1991 In honor of the year our founders began to mobilize volunteers for local needs.

$___ Other amount that is meaningful to you (Minimum $5)  

*Please share why this number made you want to support what we do!

Every dollar you give goes to support volunteer mobilization at nonprofits across the city. Help us help our city thrive!

Looking for other ways to give?

Our Impact 2021-2022


Wellness Check Calls

Over a thousand volunteers were mobilized to provide 75,000 wellness checks phone calls to isolated individuals who are 65 or older to ensure that they know their rights as renters to avoid eviction, and check that they have access to food, medicine, vaccinations and basic necessities.  


Meals Distributed

Mobilized 11,000 volunteers to distribute 250,000 meals to people in need in partnership with 139 organizations.  


Citizens of Los Angeles tested for COVID-19

Recruited 2,000 volunteers to help with COVID-19 drive-thru testing and vaccination sites throughout the city, many in low- income neighborhoods, in order to test over 100,000 citizens of Los Angeles and properly evaluate the extent of health challenge as well as identify clusters of infection to help prevent further spread.  

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Support L.A. Works with a Facebook Fundraiser!

Hosting a Facebook fundraiser is an easy way to support L.A. Works! Your support will go a long way in supporting volunteers making a difference in Los Angeles.


Visit to begin your L.A. Works Facebook fundraiser.


On the left hand side, you’ll see columns where you can:


  • Set a fundraising goal

  • Select an end date

  • Give your fundraiser a name

You can also write your own message in the “Why are you raising money?” section. Need help? Copy, edit, and paste the below:


Join me in supporting a good cause! I’m raising [AMOUNT] for L.A. Works, the nonprofit that mobilizes volunteers to address Los Angeles’ most pressing issues. 


For more than 30 years, L.A. Works has helped connect volunteers across Los Angeles to the causes they care about most. You can help L.A. Works fulfill its mission by volunteering your dollars!


Every dollar you give goes to volunteer projects at nonprofits across the city. Let’s raise money for L.A. Works and help make Los Angeles a better place to live!


On the bottom left side, select the CREATE button and start your L.A. Works fundraiser! You’ll be able to invite friends and family to donate and share your fundraiser across your Facebook feed.


Don’t forget to thank your friends and family for donating! 


From all of us at L.A. Works, thank you for taking the time to support us.

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